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Temp Staffing

Globe Group supplies a large number of labours, of differing trade backgrounds, to a wide range of clients. Globe Group prides itself on supplying well trained and experienced labour to all clients. Globe Group has supplied labour on a variety of large and small prestigious construction projects.

Temp staffing is an employment relationship between an Outsourcing Client Company, an HR Services provide, like Globe Group and an employee.

Under this arrangement, the HR Services Provider - Globe Group, enters into a master agreement with the Outsourcing Client Company. This contract dictates the service levels promised to the Client Company and benefits the Services provider will provide to the employees. A separate contract is entered into between each employee and Globe Group. This contract enumerates the compensation and benefits that an employee enjoys during his tenure of his contract. This contract may be fixed term or open term depending on the client requirement.

And based on the requirement request that a client raises, Globe Group sources the right people, to take on these required roles. Training, induction, and necessary resources, where required, are provided by Globe Group.

Roles & Responsibilities
HR Service Provider Globe Group Outsourcing Client Company Employee
  • Sourcing
  • Selection process
  • Joining formalities
  • Bank Account opening
  • Selection
  • Documents for verification & employment
  • Manage leave and attendance
  • Manage reimbursements
  • Manage salary payouts
  • Work assignment
  • Provide attendance details
  • Execute assigned responsibilities
  • Manage statutory reports
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