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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your credibility and experience?
We have been around from the days when professional detective organisation didn't exist. Simply because we started them up. Since thenwe have widened its wing with branches all over india and associates all over the world. We have more branches then any other detective agency in india and we cover even the remotest place in India. GDI clientele includes India corporate houses, MNCS, VIPs, consulates, politicians, NRIs, foreigners, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), banks, financial institutions and Indian nationals due to increase in sheer number of cases, we have made various cell (team) which deal only in a particular type of business which has earned lots of appreciation from our clients.

2. Is hiring a detective agency a right choice?
A professional detective agency is capable of undertaking any task with utmost confidentiallity and as per the requirement of the given situation & case due to the experience, skill, network and contacts they possess. A normal individual would not be in a position to tackle the given situation intellectually. Even a minute mistake may prove to be very fatal. Therefore, hiring a detective agency possessing necessary experience, skill, network and professionalism is highly advisable.

3. I have been cheated before by a detective agency. What is the guarantee that you won't cheat us?
A common man who is not accustomed to detective agency is often prey to fly by night detective agencies. Once they receive the advance amount they never care to even receive your calls. Such detective agencies brings bad name to the entire profession.
With the growing number of detective agencies, it becomes difficult for a first timer to choose a detective agency which can solve his problem and not just giving expensive false promises. In order to help you, we have formulated a guideline which would help to differentiate a professional detective agency from money munchers:


  • Check the number of years the detective agency is in existence
  • Check the number of branches and employee strength
  • Check the professionalism with which the entire operation is conducted right from booking the case to reporting
  • Agency with credibility in the market

4. Why GDL?
GDL was founded on three core principles confidentaillity, honesty and professional service. We have the network to reach and required skill & experience to get the desired result. We understand client's problem and sensitiveness of the case and thus perform our job with great care, precaution & skill. We are highly result oriented and most trusted detective outfit in india.

5. Is the information provided by me would be kept confidential?
We have seen that many people do not come forward to hire a detective agency because of fear of being exposed (leaking of information). We understand how critical it is for you and your organisation to keep the matters under wrap. Therefore, all the information you provide and the result of the investigation is kept 100% confidential. We assign a code for each investigation for internal use and your identity is not disclosed even to our investigator. We destroy all the inormation after submitting you the final report. Moreover, we are not required to disclose our client's name or any of their details under any law to the government authorities.

6. Are the investigators, who would be handling my case, experienced and trustworthy?
Being the leader in the industry, we employ investigator who are highly experienced in their field of investigation. We have a three-tier system. Initially an investigator is kept as second assistant to our investigator. After successful completion of one year he is promoted as first assistant. After serving for 5 years he becomes the senior investigator. After completion of 10 years he may become the chief investigator. Due to sheer number of cases, we have formed different cells to bring more professionalism and expedite the process of investigation. Each cell is headed by an investigator who has atleast 5 years of experience in that particular field. Our team consists of professionals from various background including ex-policeman, lawyer, retired army/ navy officers, psycologist, graphologist, chartered accountant and forensic science.

7. How much it would cost me?
There is no generalised charges. The charge varies from case to case. Once we understand the scope of the case, we can let you know the charges. Our experience enables us to quote you the charges instantly.

8. What is the time frame for completion of the case?
It depends from case to case. we would let you know this before taking up the case.

9. Do I need to sign an agreement?
There is no need as such to sign an agreement. But, if you desire then we can sign an agreement outlining the scope, charges, time frame and other terms & conditions. We encourage communication through email as it is in itself evidence, acceptable in court of law.

10. Is it necessary to disclose my identity?
We entirely appreciate your feeling of being anonymous. Infact many of our clients never meet us, the communication takes place through email and phone calls. Alternatively, you can assign yourself a different name to hide your identity. In any case, you are in the safe hands when you are dealing with us.

11. How should I make the payment?
You can pay by cheque, DD, cash, direct transfer or deposit in our a/c (as many of our client never meet us in person they prefer making payment by direct deposit in our a/c) if you are outside India, then you can make the payment by western union or moneygram

12. How you will report to me?
We can report to you by sending the report through post, email or hand delivery. Regular update is also provided through phone, email and sms.

13. How should I contact you?
As confidentaillity is the core of our profession, all the enquiries and case booking is centralised through our head office in Mumbai.

You can call us on our toll free number 1800 209 2100 from anywhere in India from any landline or mobile number

Mail us at


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